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Occupy, schmoccupy

So, about the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I don’t get it.

Oh, I understand the part about the need for tax reform, the serious problem of corporate greed and corruption and the fact that it feels like our government is screwing with all of us.  But, guys, this is not new.  What I don’t get is… what do you WANT?

I did some reading on it, since I feel absolutely certain that I’m missing something.  I stumbled onto a website on which there were a collection of stories from the “99%.”  People seem to be REALLY pissed off because they’re living paycheck to paycheck.  They went into debt to get an education and now have a low paying job.  They’re struggling with medical expenses.  I saw one gem in which a fellow with debilitating OCD cannot take time off work for treatment because if he doesn’t work, he can’t pay his mortgage.  Please tell me – in what utopian fantasy world can people stop working and still pay their mortgages?  Because I’ll move there tomorrow.

Really??  I mean, really?  This is where we are?  Are we so incredibly entitled and devoid of personal responsibility that we’re going to protest…what?  What exactly are you protesting?  A number of complicated and diverse circumstances that, over a period of time, has plunged our economy into a recession?  The corruption in corporations and government that has ALWAYS existed?

I have two things to say about this and you’ve all heard it before.  It is what it is and life’s not fair.

Are government and big business corrupt and greedy?  Sure, some of it is.  Maybe a lot of it is.  Quite frankly once we get into economics, my eyes start to glaze over a little.  But I do know that this entire debacle looks to me like that kid in the grocery store throwing a full-blown tantrum because Mom won’t buy him a candy bar.  If you want to make a difference, do something useful.  At the very least, have the ability to intelligently articulate your demands.  You don’t like what has happened to America?  Neither do I.   If you know how to fix it, please run for office.  I’ll vote for you.  If not, maybe you need to ask yourself just what you’re hoping to accomplish here.  Because it seems like you’re just wasting everyone’s time.

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  1. martha
    October 9, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Great Post!! keep them coming…

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