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May I offer you some cheese?

I hate a whiner.  I mean, I am nearly physically allergic to whining.  I taught my children from a young age that once you start whining, I stop listening.  (That doesn’t stop them, but at least they understand why I walk away when the whining starts.)

But kids aside, because they will whine, no matter what you do.  I don’t think they can help it; it’s hard wired into them alongside the gene that makes brushing their teeth or cleaning their room seem worse than pouring hot lava on themselves.  So, the kids get a pass this time.  What I cannot tolerate are the whining adults.

Adults are much more creative and subtle about it.  Rarely do you hear an adult turn the word “please” into five syllables.  Instead you get excuses and complaints and long-suffering sighs.  It’s still whining, and it’s time just stop it!

We all have problems.  We all have things that make life difficult and cause us pain.  Is your problem harder and more painful than mine?  Well, that’s not for either of us to judge, is it?  The only important thing is that we understand that we’re all overcoming something.  The only differences are how big our challenges are and how we choose to face them.

I propose that we all come together as mature people and stop behaving like children.  It’s perfectly fine and appropriate to acknowledge your issue, make the people around you aware of a challenge you face, and then carry on.  If it’s in your power to change it, then change it.  If it’s not, then put on your brave face and muscle through.

I get slammed sometimes for being cold-hearted.  Not true.  I do have a heart and sometimes it breaks for people, but I can’t make allowances for everyone’s problems all of the time.  I don’t expect the world to cut me a break when I have a problem, so why should you?  Life sucks sometimes, but it never slows down.  We just have to suck it up and keep on going.

I’ll acknowledge it now on behalf of everyone.  We’re all hurting from something.  That one’s husband is sick, this one isn’t sure if she can pay her bills.  That guy there is worried about his kid’s math grade.  You get the idea.

No one gets a prize for the most suffering.  Overcoming adversity is what we’re made to do and in most cases, we do it well.  Let’s man up, people.  Let’s take pride in our accomplishments and stop wallowing in the things that try to derail us.

Life is hard, but it can’t break us unless we let it.  And we’re better than that, aren’t we?

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