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Being the little sister

I have a wonderful family.  I am truly blessed from my parents to my husband and children to my in-laws.  I love each and every one of them and I recognize how very, very lucky I am.  This time of year always makes me think of family and I get all mushy and sentimental.  This year, as I break up fights between my children, I am taken back to my own childhood and my fights with my big sister.  I never would have guessed, all those years ago, that we would end up where we are today.  There was no incentive that could entice us to get along.  We fought about EVERYTHING.  But, such is the way of siblings during childhood, or so I tell myself silently, whilst I scream at my own children to GET ALONG OR STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER.

So during our childhood, we didn’t always get along.  But as we reached adulthood, it was like flipping a switch.  The minute she got married and moved out, we immediately became friends.  My theory is that we are both too powerful and dominant to be contained under one roof.  (Yeah, that’s it)  Today, the best memories I have, the times I’ve laughed the hardest, been loved the most and been supported without question… she’s always there.  I am the luckiest little sister in the world.  My sister is my very best friend and she comes with the bonus of a whole shared lifetime of memories for us to build on.  I could live without her, I guess, but my life would not have half of the brightness, love and laughter that it has now.

I need to thank her for many things, because I don’t tell her often enough what she means to me.  But first, credit goes to the third parties who make it all possible:

  • Thank you, Mom & Dad for having us, raising us and not abandoning us at the fire department on those occasions when we deserved it.
  • Thank you, Eddie for bringing happiness and joy to my sister.
  • Thank you, Verizon, for unlimited texting.
  • Thank you, Facebook, for providing a stage for our antics.

Now on to the main event, my dear sister, Laurie.  I love you and need you in my life more than you probably know.  This list can’t come close to encompassing everything you’ve given to me, but they’re just a few of the things that need to be said.

  • Thank you for doing everything first, then telling me what to expect.  From makeup and hair to marriage and childbirth, I always knew what I was getting into because you were there to coach me.  Thank you also for omitting the details that may have sent me running for the hills (specifically regarding childbirth).
  • Thank you for always, always being there when I need you.  And thank you for letting me be there for you and for forgiving me for the times that I wasn’t.
  • Thank you for driving me to school every day when you were a cool senior and I was a lowly 8th grader.
  • Thank you for teaching me the ways of coupons and sharing your great finds with me.
  • Thank you for sharing your family with me and allowing me to be in your daughters’ lives and for being such an important part of my children’s lives.
  • Thank you for promising to redecorate the baby’s nursery when I became convinced in my last days of pregnancy that my son might actually be a girl.  Nothing else could have calmed my pregnant crazy and even though that baby was a boy, just like the doctor said, I needed that promise to stay sane.
  • Thank you for 30+ years of inside jokes and for keeping my inner child alive.  We are probably the only adults alive who camp out at the windows when they’re calling for snow…just to be the first one to say “It’s snowing.”
  • Thank you for cheering me on without words, cause we’re not really cheerleader type girls.  Believe me, I hear it loud and clear.
  • Thank you reminding me of things that you know I’ll forget without making me feel bad about forgetting everything.
  • Thank you for doing a visual check on all of my cats when we’re out of town, even though Squeaky likes to hide.
  • Thank you for knowing all my flaws better than anyone, knowing every mistake I’ve ever made and knowing all of my secrets – and never holding any of it against me.

The older I get, the more perspective I get on life and relationships.  Friends, even close friends, can come and go.  They can, and often will, betray you in the most wretched ways.  To have a true and loving friend is a gift that can never be matched.  To get to share your entire life with that friend is to be unspeakably blessed.  “Sister” is such a special word to me, all wrapped up in happiness and love.  I am blessed beyond words.

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