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Sister Christian, Asparagus and my New Year’s resolution

When I was a kid I hated asparagus.  There’s something about canned asparagus that tastes exactly like canned peas, which are also very disgusting and do not belong on my plate.  Ah, how different things are when they’re prepared differently…while I still won’t touch the canned stuff, I once paid $7.99 a pound for fresh asparagus.  (It was only the once, it was a drought or something and maybe I was pregnant.  I don’t know. Whatever.  I did it.)  Because of my long and storied history with asparagus, I was not prepared to give it another chance, but in my adulthood, I discovered a great love for the little green sticks.

On a related note (I promise I’ll get there, if you just hang with me), I have always disliked the song, “Sister Christian.”  It’s overplayed, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and it’s just not my style.  When it comes on the radio, not only do I immediately change the station, but I also make a face and sometimes a noise.  (urrgggggg)  But tonight on the way home, it came on the radio.  I didn’t change it because my only other option was some very terrible Christmas carol or something extremely static-y.  Before long, I found myself SINGING ALONG.  So now, apparently, I have a love affair with Sister Christian.

Well, so?  What’s my point?  Something that I’ve realized just recently.  Being a grown up does not mean you’re done growing up.  Even as (urgggggg) a middle-aged adult, we still have opportunities to grow, to learn new things and to embrace  new passions.  I’ve been in a blind rut for many years…get up, go to work, come home.  It’s easy to let it happen, after all, chasing after your passions doesn’t pay the bills.  (If it does, I hope you’re thanking your lucky stars every single day.)  So all this reflection brings me to my New Year’s resolution for 2012.  (If you’re impressed about how ahead of the game I am with this, allow me to assure you, I haven’t even finished Christmas shopping yet.  This is a fluke.)

So, in 2012, I vow to be true to myself.  I will try new things.  I’ll grow into myself.  And in a vast improvement over some past resolutions, I have a head start.  Just by writing this blog, I’ve already reconnected with some part of me that was buried under motherhood, marriage, and a stagnant daily grind.  I am a mom and I am a wife and I am a whatever-my-job-title-is-this-week, but those things do not define me.  What defines me is at risk of being lost every day that I wake up and sleepwalk through my day.  My promise to myself in 2012 is to excavate all the old pieces of me and fit them into new adventures, whether it be as small as writing a blog or some major change that’s still on the horizon.  Life is too short to be complacent.  We need challenge, excitement and enthusiasm if we ever hope to be better than what we are right now.

Do you have your resolutions for 2012 yet?  Inspire me with your goals.  I am, at times, akin to a ship lost at sea and, even in my (urgggggg) middle age, I need all the direction I can get.  What I really need is a new asparagus.

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