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The Oxymoron that is Common Sense

Common sense.  One of the rarest commodities of today’s society.  As products of the Information Age, people in our society have become very dumb.

So, what’s the deal with common sense? (Sorry for the Seinfeld homage, but my husband has been mocking me with it all morning.  He apparently believes I’m abandoning my blog for a cheesy standup routine.)  People have more access to more information than ever before.  We should be super smart!  But we’re incredibly dumb!!  We have to be told that our plastic Walmart bags are not toys.  We need our coffee cups to tell us that the coffee is hot.  Our ham had damn well better have a note that reminds us to refrigerate it.  Come on, people!  Darwin is turning over in his grave.  If you don’t know your coffee is hot, then maybe you deserve to get burned, dumbass.

Here’s the key thing we lack.  Accountability.  Also, we seem to have misplaced manners.  It’s rude to call someone a dumbass, even if it’s true.  And those of us who do occasionally drop a “what is wrong with you, moron?” look get called out as mean and unreasonable.  So I’m putting it out there for all of us who request, nay, DEMAND, a return of common sense.  USE YOUR HEAD!  Get your face out of your smart phone for a minute and pay attention to what’s actually happening around you.  Your ability to use Google does not make you smart or a useful member of society.  Understanding basic cause and effect will accomplish that for you.  It’s not okay to not have common sense.  I’ll say it again…it’s NOT OKAY.  We don’t forgive you!  Stop being lazy and figure it out!  I will hold each and every one of you accountable for your stupid, stupid actions. 

I’m not talking about those blonde moments or senior moments or the little dumb things we all do from time to time.  That’s not stupidity, that’s just being human.  I don’t demand or expect perfection.  What I’m talking about is the absolute epidemic of people refusing to think for themselves and draw somewhat intelligent conclusions.  It pains and saddens me that our society needs to be told that they shouldn’t text while driving.  I admit, I have occasionally taken a phone call while driving, but I’m completely incapable of even reading a text, let alone typing one, while operating a vehicle.  The thing is, and maybe I’m weird, but I can’t look at the phone and the road at the same time.  The word you’re searching for here is priorities.

I have recently discovered a useful tool for dealing with people who approach me with a common sense problem.  When they ask me stupid questions, I don’t respond.  I just look at them for a minute (I do try not to get the ‘moron’ look, but it’s a challenge.)  You know what I find?  After a minute of being on the receiving end of a blank stare, most people come up with the answer.  So here’s my conclusion.  It’s not that people lack common sense, it’s just that they’re too lazy to use it.  Dumb, lazy Americans!!  Shame on you!!  Turn off the interwebs for a sec and figure out how to function in daily life.  Then we’ll give you Google back. 

(All this talk of dumbasses has turned my mind to the topic of smartasses.  Stay tuned…)

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