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The Power of a Bad Attitude

I’ve always had a questionable attitude.  However, in the last couple years, I’ve been leaning more toward a “whatever” philosophy.  I don’t mean that I just don’t care about anything.  There are some things that deserve and have earned my attention, focus and even passion.  What I’ve finally learned is that there are some things that I can’t change.  There are things that don’t matter.  So, whatever.

There’s a woman I know who hates me.  She hates me a lot and she’s not shy about showing it.  She’s been dealt a rough hand in life and while I can have some sympathy for that, I can’t condone her stomping around and being a miserable human being.  But even when she’s being miserable in general, she still manages to focus a white-hot laser of hate and envy straight at me.  I don’t mind telling you, it bothered me for a long time.  I couldn’t figure out what I had done to her or how I had offended.  It finally occurred to me that she hates me because she thinks I have it easy.  She’s mad at me because my life isn’t as hard as hers is.  (I feel I must mention, that while I recognize that I do have it easier than some, I still have my struggles and I’m not receiving mail at Easy Street.)

So what to do about this situation?  Nothing.  Not even one darn thing. I wouldn’t be friends with this woman under any circumstances (see above “miserable human being” comment), so why on earth do I care what she thinks about me?  I don’t.  So why did I ever spend one minute worrying about why she detests me so much?  I finally arrived at the only answer.  What.Ev.Er.

I cannot tell you how well “whatever” has served me.  I am finally free!  Some people don’t like me.  I don’t like some (okay, a lot of) people.  That’s okay.  Sometimes I will screw up and sometimes so will you.  Whatever!  (also acceptable is “Okay!”)  Someone trying to pick a fight with you?  Whatever.  I heard some juicy gossip about you? Whatever.  Friends, it just doesn’t matter!  Life is short and you should never waste one second of it on the things that don’t matter.  Once you can brush off all the silly things, you’ll appreciate the things that do matter so very much more.  Give yourself permission not to care about everydarnthing that happens around you.

About my hater?  She still hates me, except the days when she’s in a good mood and she doesn’t.  Whatever.  This woman’s moods just bounce right off me, if anything, I am perfectly capable of making a joke of it.  Her feelings are her problem, not mine.  The sooner we can all embrace whatever, the happier we will all be.  Just let it go and join me in a world where we all walk around like this.  Smiling.  (Sure, people are talking about us…you guessed it.  Whatever!)

photo courtesy http://www.thedieline.com...likely the finest wine bottle label ever designed.

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