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It’s Great to Learn, Cause…

Knowledge is power?  Hmph.  Knowledge is a right pain in the heiny, is what it is.

Schoolhouse Rocky's pants are on fire.

Let me give you a bit of background here.  For the last couple years at work, I’ve been involved in a big ol’ software rollout at work.  This particular piece of software is still not exactly where it should be in terms of user-friendliness, speed, reliability or actually working the way it’s supposed to.  I have spent countless hours babying this sucker and begging users for forgiveness and patience and trying to translate our needs to the developers. (Disclaimer, I am not a computer girl and I don’t write code or anything like that.  My piece of the puzzle was more on the user end.  I just have the unique skill of knowing how to communicate flawlessly with the IT guys and girls.  Probably because I’m married to one, har-de-har. Also, I said “user end.” Ha, I’m cracking myself up.)

Anyway.  I recently got a promotion, which was not only a promotion, but a diagonal (it wasn’t exactly lateral, if you take my meaning) shift to an entirely different division of the company.  Despite my many years sitting in this chair, I suddenly had a lot to learn and not nearly enough hours in the day.  In addition to the pressure of learning my new job, which is actually two jobs wrapped in one, I also have to train a replacement for my old job.  There’s the rub.

My old job was something that I made up one day.  I thought to myself, hey, we need someone to do one, two and three.  Lo and behold, I wrote the proposal and my bosses agreed.  It was pretty awesome, if I do say so, but it was a very fluid job description that ended up morphing into one basic requirement.  Knowing stuff.  I have worked here for a very long time and I’ve been involved in a lot of different aspects and I just know stuff.  How do you train someone to know stuff?  That’s a serious question, because I don’t know how to do it. 

I have to interrupt myself to tell you that I spent a good year of college as an education major, during which time I learned how to teach children to read, basic geography and a touch of psychology.  I also learned that everyone is not cut out to be a teacher.  The fact that I spent one year at this should be telling.  I am not skilled at teaching anyone anything.  I say things one time.  If you can’t remember it, you’d better write it down.  I think everyone should work harder at learning than I have to work at teaching.  I forget that everyone doesn’t learn in the same ways or at the same pace as me.  I am easily frustrated and I mostly think it’s just easier to do it myself than to try to explain it.   I know that’s not fair to anyone, so I’m doing my level best to pass on my great knowledge to my young padawan.  But it’s a slow process that is painful for both of us.


In the interim, people continue to ask me things that I haven’t taught her yet.  Oh, I’m not holding out on purpose, there’s just a lot and if I dumped it all on her at one time, she’d still be running for the hills.  Now, I’ve known a lot of people in the workplace who love to hold their cards close to the vest, thinking that their knowledge makes them more important or more valuable.  I’ll tell you this.  I do not feel important.  I feel stress.  I feel frustration.  I feel like I want to plug a flash drive into my brain and dump everything I know.  I wish I had begged for a partner in crime when I started that darn job just so I’d have a backup.  I have a confession.  Sometimes I say, “I don’t know” when what I mean is, “I could figure it out but I don’t have time and that’s NOT MY JOB.”  I can’t do everything, people, and right now my current job has to take precedence over my old job.


So my conclusion is that too much knowledge is really more trouble than it’s worth.  It doesn’t make me powerful, it’s my kryptonite.   I could go on, but I’m distracted by the unrelated knowledge I just gained – that spell check recognizes “kryptonite”, but not “padawan.”  I guess the spellcheck people are comic book nerds, not Star Wars nerds. Or maybe I’m actually spelling it wrong, but that seems unlikely.  See what all this pressure does to my brain?


Photo courtesy of www.allforthecustomer.com, but it was also in my brain, if that counts at all.

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