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My Kids are OLD!

On Easter Eve, we traditionally dye Easter eggs.  I am showing my bad mommy-ness by admitting that this is not an activity I particularly enjoy, but it’s something I’ve done every year because my kids LOVE IT.  I mean, they love it with a passion that defies explanation.  This year, though, something different happened.  They did it by themselves.  In my defense, that was just fine with them, because hubs and I weren’t hogging any of the eggs.  They had thirty-five (yes, one cracked) glorious blank canvases on which to display their Easter love.

My kids have been doing things on their own for a while now, but this was a biggie, because there were a bunch of little cups of permanent dye involved.  They didn’t even spill any!  My babies are growing up.

Sometimes it's hard not to miss these days, but now they can empty the dishwasher!

There’s a part of me that’s sad about this.  Of course, I miss my tiny little darlings who needed mommy every step of the way.  On the other hand, they needed mommy every step of the way!  There’s a much bigger part of me that celebrates their growing  up.  It’s not just because my life keeps getting easier and easier, though I’d by lying if I said that wasn’t a factor.  After all, who wants to spend their evenings bathing children and making them stay in bed?  Really, it’s more that I so much enjoy seeing them grow up and grow into themselves.  I get to see the people they’re becoming and it’s exhilarating.

I can do things with them that I actually enjoy, instead of sitting on the floor pretending I like Candy Land or playing Barbie.  My daughter bakes with me.  My son runs with me.  We watch movies as a family that we all really enjoy.  We read some of the same books.  They make me laugh unexpectedly and surprise me with their insight and creativity.

Ever since my children were born, everyone told me to enjoy every minute because it passes so quickly.  This is sound advice, because it really does happen in the blink of an eye.  I wouldn’t trade the experience of their babyhood and toddler years for anything.  But you know what?  This part is just as good.  This part is when I get to see who they really are.  They’re not a reflection of me and hubs.  They are their own individuals and I rejoice every day that I am blessed enough to be their mother.  Do I sometimes miss holding a sleeping baby?  Of course I do, I have a heart, after all!  But I would much rather sit down and have a meaningful conversation with my children and hear the opinions that they have. 

My babies are growing up and mommy is growing up with them.  We keep changing together and, while it’s okay to get a bit sentimental from time to time, we embrace the moments that we have.  You know, it will pass in a blink of an eye.

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