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Life as a Valued Customer

I’ve spent the last hour shopping online for a new cell phone for my daughter (and negotiating her indentured servitude to offset my monthly bill).  Whilst I pondered just how much money I pay every month for cell phone service, and browsed the sales available, the never-quite-dormant anger started to swell.  I’m freaking sick and tired of being a long-term and supposedly valued customer and getting no damn appreciation from my service providers.  Today I’m calling out the two worst offenders, at least in my life.  Verizon and DirecTV.  You suck and you make me hate you even as I write the checks.  No, I don’t actually write checks to pay my bills, but saying “I hate you as I click on ‘pay now'” doesn’t quite pack the same punch.  Play along, please.

Look, I know there’s competition for these businesses.  They want new customers.  They need new customers.  They will come to your house, walk your dog and cook your dinner if you will please become a new customer.  I get it.  But what about me?  They need me, too.

I have been a long and faithful customer to both of these companies.  I pay them stupid amounts of money every month for their services and you know what?  I’d like a little damn appreciation sometimes, too.  You’re offering huge deals and sales to your new customers.  What about the customers who have been supporting you for the past five, ten, twenty years?  Do we get a little something something from time to time?

And get completely screwed over in your tenth year.

No, they don’t owe me anything.  We have a business agreement.  They provide a service and I pay the agreed-upon amount to receive said service.  It just really frosts my cookies when they’re throwing great offers around for new customers and completely ignore their existing, loyal customers.  DirecTV doesn’t love me.  They know they’ve got me, because no one else offers NFL Sunday Ticket.  So as long as I keep paying my bill, they don’t even have to think about me.  If I can, by chance, find some people who do not have cable or satellite service, and brainwash them into signing up, then I get a bill credit.  Please.  I’m thirty-six years old.  Everyone I know already has whatever kind of service they prefer.  I’m not hanging out with people who are trying to figure out how to watch TV.  Now, Verizon will offer me a huge discount on a phone if I add a new line.  Jeezy peezy, I already have three lines.  How freakin’ many do I need?  They’ll give me a discount because I’ve forked over cash every month for two years…I am not impressed.  When we started down this road, back when the relationship was new and the spark was still alive, I got a discount every year.  Now I have to wait an additional year, pay a thirty dollar upgrade fee and they never even tell me I look pretty.

Companies, please take note.  New customers are great.  Wine them and dine them and buy them flowers.  But don’t forget about the people who are actually giving you money right now.  We’re important, too, and goshdarnit, we want to feel important.  You want us to bully our friends into signing up with you?  Then you’d damn well better start giving us a reason.

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  1. April 30, 2012 at 8:31 am

    OMG, so true. we’ve also been with verizon for a little more than 10 years, and they keep giving less for the same price (data cap at 2 GB for $30 when it used to be unlimited) or dropping lower priced options (no $5 text package anymore). and DH got to upgrade his phone on monday~ the day AFTER that stupid $30 upgrade fee was instituted. >:-(

    • April 30, 2012 at 8:51 am

      What is up with the damn data plan? We got in just under the wire on that one, so we have the unlimited, but now we can never, ever, ever change our plan. I cussed a blue streak about that upgrade fee yesterday. Sadly, they’re the only provider with a good signal around here, so we’re stuck, but I doubt any of the others are any better, anyway. What the hell ever happened to the customer being king?

  2. May 1, 2012 at 9:27 am

    rene has the unlimited, but i upgraded to a smartphone a few months after the data plan change. of course, he just switched from blackberry to iphone and no longer needs the $15 extra “corporate” package he had to have for blackberry, but since they no longer offer unlimited plans, they had to submit a request to do a monthly credit for the difference. we are still waiting to hear about that… perhaps i should have him check on that… :eyeroll:

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