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The Only Celebrity I Miss

I do not get sappy when celebrities die.  I have, in fact, been accused of having a cold, black heart.  But no matter what Hubs thinks, I do feel a little bad about it.  As bad as I feel whenever I hear about anyone dying.  It’s sad.  It sucks.  But it doesn’t really affect me, so therefore, I need not mourn.

It’s very sad that MCA lost his battle with cancer last week.  It’s sad that Whitney Houston died, because it’s a shame whenever a child loses her mother, crackhead or not.  (No comments, please.  You can voice your opinions on your blog and I can post mine here, no matter how harsh they may be.)  What I’m getting at is, yes, I feel a little bad about it.  Am I going to miss them?  No, not really.  I mean, I love the Beastie Boys as much as the next guy, but I’m not really looking for new material, you know?  I’m perfectly happy to replay Ill Communication forevermore.

There is one celebrity, though, that has proven me wrong.  Billy-Freakin’-Mays.  I was in shock when I heard that he had passed.  I mean, I was really stunned for a couple of days.  I literally couldn’t believe it.  I still miss him, I honestly do.  It’s pretty ridiculous, because he annoyed the crap out of me when he was alive.  I do not react well to people shouting at me about Oxiclean.  I don’t appreciate it.  I’m an adult, you can calmly and quietly tell me all the benefits of Oxiclean and I will make an informed decision.  But I miss that obnoxious fool shouting at me!  I really do.

Probably inappropriate, but cracks me up.

Part of it, I suspect, has to do with the fact that Hubs and I had started watching PitchMen with Billy and Anthony Sullivan.  It was a really fun show and one of very, very few that we both enjoy.  So we had to deal with that loss.  Most of it, though, might be that for all his celebrity, he really just was a regular guy.  Oh, I know regular guys die every day, and in far more tragic circumstances.  But I felt like I knew Billy Mays.  I felt like he was a part of my life.  And, doggoneit, I miss him.  It’s painful for me to watch Sully take over his commercials.  It’s not the same.  Never again will I look at khakis and a blue button-down the same way again.  I still hear his voice when I look at my Oxiclean.

Probably it says a lot about my stage of life that I am more moved by the man who sells my cleaning products than those that create the music I enjoy, but there you go.  Rest in peace, Billy Mays.  God Bless you for bringing us OxiClean so loudly.

Images via Google Images, that treasure trove

  1. May 8, 2012 at 11:33 am

    When did this happen? I am so out of the loop on US news! WAH! 😦
    I agree that it is sad when celebs die. And I don’t care how or why. Someone commented a newspaper article here about MCA “good riddance, music sucked, world better place” and I wanted to go hurt them with a branding iron. From behind. So sad.
    I will have to tell my fellow ex-pats about this sad loss. He was a true icon!

    • May 8, 2012 at 2:53 pm

      Oh wow, it actually happened in 2009. This is not really a timely post…

      • May 8, 2012 at 3:50 pm

        WHAT? OMG. I am so sad. 😦

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