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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted.

It’s summer vacation time and I am so excited that I almost can’t stand myself.  This year, we’re checking out a new beach town that I am super pumped about.  Well, let’s be honest, I am super pumped any time I have the chance to put my toes in the sand.  There’s just something extra intriguing about a new place, especially when you’re creeping up on forty and not looking to get henna tattoos or go bungee jumping for a week.  We’re headed to one of those quiet, undeveloped beaches…on AN ISLAND.  A real-live island.  With PONIES.  And a WILDLIFE RESERVE. Hot damn, I think I just peed a little.

So, we’ve made our plans, booked our hotel, taken vacation from work and the time is nearly upon us.  But I’m just a little uneasy.  Vacation is like stepping out of your life for a week or so.  That’s what’s delightful about it, to be sure, but it also makes me just a little nervous.  I have some very minor, nearly undetectable, control issues and it makes me nervous to just leave.  What’s going on at work?  What are my cats doing?  What about my house and my bills and the milk I left in the fridge?

Yes, yes, I’ve taken care of everything.  We have a house sitter.  I’ve paid my bills.  I am covered at work.  My cats will be taken care of, and although they will hold a grudge for a while, they’ll get over it.  Everything has been carefully orchestrated so that we may leave for a while and think of NOTHING but relaxing and enjoying ourselves.  We’ve earned it.  We work our heinies off all year long.  We deserve a break, at least once a year.  But. Still.  I’m not going to be here.

When I was a kid, we used to take a two-week vacation to the beach every year.  It was completely wonderful in every way, until we made our journey home.  When we turned onto our street, without fail, my dad would say, “Well, I hope the house didn’t burn down while we were gone.”  Wait, what?  Holy catastrophe, Batman, that could happen.  Of course, the house could also burn down while we’re at work one day, but I don’t really think of that when I leave every morning.  In fact, I would have to assume that the house is probably more likely to burn down when we’re in it using appliances, cooking and lighting candles, or whatnot.  So why do I have such a vacation hang-up?

I am forced now to recognize that I am extremely uptight and, yes, a control freak.  I have difficulty relaxing.  I have a deep-seated belief that my tiny little world is barely hanging on by a thread if I’m not running it.  These things lead me to wonder how anyone can live with me.

So, yes, I need a vacation.  I am going to put my toes in the sand, eat fresh seafood, buy overpriced souvenirs and maybe even go on a boat tour.  (Just a two-hour one.  As a lifelong Gilligan fan, I cannot bring myself to go on a three-hour tour.  A three-hour tour.)  I’m not going to think about all the what-ifs at home, because I am leaving my tiny world in capable hands.  The sneaky squirrel who’s been stalking my house will undoubtedly eat my tomato plants, but everything else will be fine.  And I will return refreshed, rejuvenated, and probably sunburned.  Just the way it ought to be.

  1. July 28, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    I totally GET this – I have just a few OCD habits of mine own but sometimes a vacation and break is just what you need 🙂

    • July 28, 2012 at 3:51 pm

      Yes, it’s not totally without reservation that I go, but, heck, someone’s gotta go soak up the sun. I guess I’ll take one for the team. 😉

  1. August 5, 2012 at 7:17 am

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