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A Disjointed Mind

So, yeah.  I haven’t been writing lately.  My daughter is still sick and that’s pretty much crowding any other random thoughts out of my head.  I could write volumes on that subject, but it gets tiresome, for me and for everyone who has to hear it.  But since I am under a fair amount of stress, it occurs to me that I should be writing.  It calms me.  So here I am.  Please bear with me on my rambling post here, because I haven’t a clue what I’m about to write.  The only thing I’m sure of is that it will be disjointed and random.  But maybe that will be fun for us, who knows.

On Politics:

I vastly enjoyed the Presidential debate this week.  It’s a nice reminder that even the highest ranking politicians are just regular people and fighting for the highest office of the land isn’t all that different from fighting over the last cupcake.  You go, guys, way to entertain and frustrate your poor moderator beyond all sense.  After staring at Mitt Romney for all that time, I have to wonder if he was specifically chosen for his generic old-rich-white-guy look.  He looks like every president out of every movie in the last twenty years.  I also learned that, according to Obama, trillions of dollars are this big.  I listened, I really did, but I was distracted the whole time by my insatiable need to mock.  I’m just lucky Hubs didn’t slap a strip of duct tape on my mouth. (p.s., Mitt Romney, if you really want to win this one, please never say “poor kids” ever, ever again.)


This big. via nydailynews.com

On Parenting:

My daughter has entered a phase of telling me what I don’t know.  I know, that sounds excruciating, but she makes it fun.  The winners of the week are as follows (I couldn’t pick just one):

“You don’t know their personal lives.  They could suck butt all day long, you don’t know.”

“You don’t know about Russian people.  You don’t know about their dwarfism problems.”

Well, she’s right.  I don’t know much of anything about who’s sucking butt and it’s completely accurate that I was not aware of widespread dwarfism in Russia.  I’m pretty sure she also doesn’t know about these things, but I’m telling you, this is a refreshing change from most of the things that teenage girls think their moms don’t know.  I mean, these are in addition to me not knowing how she feels about anything, how to do English homework and what she should eat, but they’re fun little surprises.  Like finding a toy in your bowl of cereal (before you add the milk.)

via russiatrek.org. I don’t know.

On Food:

Cool weather is coming and I am getting excited about homemade stuff.  Winter food is just better suited to long simmers and whatnot.  This week I’ll be making beef vegetable soup, chicken and dumplings and a gigantic batch of chicken broth for my vomity child. (We will eat other things, but they’re nothing worth bragging about.)  Also, I served my near-disastrous homemade spaghetti sauce for the second time this past week and it was even better received than the first time.  Huzzah!  I can’t explain what is so comforting and soothing about having a big pot of something, that you made out of next to nothing, creating delicious smells throughout the house.  I mean, seriously, making the grocery list was ridiculous.  I need to buy some meat and vegetables and I will transform them into something completely different.  It’s a small thing, maybe, but I have to take my accomplishments where I can get them.

mmmm…soup. via ifood.com

On Lawn Care:

I’m pretty sure I broke my new lawnmower the other week.  Fortunately, it’s probably just something like spark plugs, and even more fortunately, I still have my old mower, so there’s no hurry.  However, I have a situation now.  My new mower has a tank full of gas.  My old mower has just a smidge of gas.  My gas can is empty and it’s close enough to winter that I don’t want to refill it.  So…I need to run the gas out of my new mower.  Which means I’m going to have to address this lawnmower issue.  Okay, actually, I’m going to have to get Hubs to address it.  This lawnmower is kind of a point of contention because he says I broke it because I overfilled the gas tank.  Okay, yes, I overfilled the gas tank A LOT.  My mind might have been somewhere else while I was dumping gas all over everything and making my entire yard a fire hazard.  I still don’t think that would break a mower.  It was probably just a coincidence.  Anyway.  Maybe I’ll just buy another gallon of gas.

How come my cats won’t do this? via freerepublic.com

  1. Janyaa
    October 16, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Hehe, I really did just laugh out loud about your “what you don’t know” section. My co-worker is wondering what I’m snickering about.

    • October 16, 2012 at 6:20 pm

      That kid makes me snort my laughter most of the time. She is out there! Thanks for commenting!

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