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Facebook in November – the condensed list of thankfulness

It’s November, and we all know what that means, don’t we?  My Facebook feed is full of thankfulness.  A large number of my friends are embarking on what seems to be an annual challenge to post something they are thankful for each day in November.

I don’t have any particular quarrel with this practice.  I think we can all benefit from counting our blessings.  However, it’s just not my bag.  I have a difficult time being earnest and sincere for 30 days in a row.  Who am I kidding, I can barely be serious for 30 minutes in a row.  Also, it gets kind of repetitive.  I am thankful for my children, my husband, my parents, my health…  yes, yes.  We are all thankful for these things, we’re decent people who want to recognize our loved ones.  It’s just so unoriginal.  On the years when I host Thanksgiving with my extended family I make everyone say something that they’re thankful for before we have our meal.  (I can’t do this when we have Hubs’ family because there are so stinking MANY of them and we don’t want to food to get cold…)  In recent years, I’ve added a twist.  You can’t say that you’re thankful for your family.  Be specific!  I should add that I make a bangin’ roasted turkey, otherwise they would not tolerate my nonsense.

So, anyway, I am not participating in the Facebook thing.  I like to reserve my status updates for ridiculous and/or embarrassing things that my kids have said and done, just like any other proud mama.  But I am inspired to be thankful, so I shall present my list of thankfulness here.  All thirty days in one fell swoop.  See how efficient I can be?

Now, in no particular order, is my November list of things for which I am thankful.  I am purposely omitting things like family, health, friends, or gainful employment, not because I am a monster, but because those things should go without saying.


  1. Slippers, because my feet need hugs after a long day in heels.
  2. Filtrete water station.  I can pretend I’m being environmentally responsible, not just too lazy to carry cases of water.
  3. Sam’s Club, because they carry huge bags of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at a spectacularly low price.
  4. The Sam’s Club membership that my mom and sister maintain, so they can be my coffee suppliers.
  5. Pay at the pump.  Remember when you actually had to walk inside the gas station to pay?!  Even if there was a sleeping baby in your car?  Egads.
  6. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.  Go get some right now and you will see what I mean.
  7. Teenage boys with manners.  Nothing warms my heart like seeing a young man holding open a door for a stranger.
  8. Fantasy football.  I thought I was a football fan before…this brought it to a whole new level.
  9. Good books.  If I couldn’t lose myself and my worries in a good book, I would have gone (officially) crazy many years ago.
  10. My husband’s BBQ ribs.  They are so. damn. good.
  11. One a Day multi-vitamins.  They keep me healthy and maintain my energy, even if I’m living on BBQ ribs.
  12. Children who sleep a lot.  This allows Mom to sleep a lot.
  13. Gum.  I like gum, it stops me from grinding my teeth and eliminates coffee breath.
  14. Disposable contact lenses.  In the old days, we had to make them last.  And nothing tears a contact faster than knowing you can’t get a new one for a whole year.
  15. Avon Waterproof Super Shock Mascara.  It’s shocking how good it is.  (See what I did there?)
  16. Grilled cheese sandwiches.  There is something to be said for simplicity.  Also the only acceptable use for American cheese squares.  Everything needs a purpose.
  17. Food network.  Hubs and I cook a lot, and this is where we learned it.  Hats off to David Rosengarten for introducing us to a new love with his pancake episode.
  18. Grammatical errors on public display.  They make me feel smart.
  19. Regular show. (via fanpop.com) This show is so absurd, you can’t help but love it.  Also, the writers are of my generation, so it feels like the jokes are for me.

  20. The Most Interesting Man in the World.  This guy has given me endless amusement.
  21. Uranus.  Thank you for being the laughingstock of our solar system.  Way to take one for the team.
  22. Pandora.  Anyone remember snarled up cassette tapes or scratched CDs?  Yeah.  Pandora is awesome.
  23. Homemade stuff.  There is an immense satisfaction in making something from scratch and there is nothing more touching than receiving a homemade something.
  24. Old ragged baggy pajama pants that are older than my children.  Because they are comfy.
  25. Plantation window blinds.  Despite their best efforts, my cats cannot break these.
  26. Bacon.  It makes everything better.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Bacon cookies?  Check.  Bacon brussels sprouts?  Check.  Bacon bacon.  Yes, please.


  27. Good running shoes.  You don’t actually have to run to enjoy them.  And when you wear them, people might think you run.  Or at least that you have cute shoes.
  28. The auto-correct function on phones.  Just yesterday I got a text message saying that I have creepy staplers.  You can’t buy that kind of entertainment.
  29. The right/responsibility to vote for my president, and the freedom to openly mock both candidates.  Binders full of women, anyone?
  30. Parentheses, ellipses and sentence fragments, because I would be unable to write without them.

Thankfulness is a beautiful thing, but why so serious?  Of course we appreciate the big gifts, but we shouldn’t forget the little things that make us happy.  After all, life is made up of the little things.  What makes your life easier, happier or more fun?  Let’s be honest, I know you love your husband, but at least your grilled cheese sandwich doesn’t forget to feed the dog, does it?

  1. Jeremy
    November 4, 2012 at 9:47 am

    I’m thankful that you share some of your life and writing talents on this blog 🙂

    • November 4, 2012 at 9:49 am

      And I am thankful that you read it! 😉

  2. November 4, 2012 at 11:03 am

    “30 days of blessings” would make a perfect post challenge! So much more enjoyable than the standard daily — thankful for the sunshine today Facebook post! ~ Kat

    • November 4, 2012 at 11:09 am

      I love the thankfulness idea, it does warm my heart. I just love specifics. Like, I am specifically thankful for the fresh smell the toilet gel gives my whole bathroom. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting!

      • November 4, 2012 at 11:11 am

        Would you mind if I issued a challenge to my fellow bloggers based on your post? I would love to read others’ creative blessings lists!

      • November 4, 2012 at 11:15 am

        Please do! I would be honored! (and thankful!)

  1. November 4, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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