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What’s So Great About Home Ownership?

I have a history of great fear of commitment to a home.  For years, we lived like nomads.  We’d rent a house for a year or two, then something would happen, I wouldn’t like it anymore, or we’d have another baby or something and we’d move.  We would talk about buying a home and it just terrified me.  Not so easy to move out of a house you own if you decide you just simply cannot tolerate those kitchen cabinets for one more day.  But renting is such a waste, and so many of my landlords were complete a-holes…so the time came.  A few years ago we made the commitment more terrifying that marriage or having children.  We bought a house.  It’s a nice house.  I still like it.  And the things I don’t like, I can change.  Because it’s my house.  I can do any damn thing I want to it.



Point 1:  It’s my house and I can do any damn thing I want to it.

  • Pros:  I have pulled out elderly bushes, painted every wall and scratched the shit out of my hardwood floors moving heavy furniture.  No one can say boo to me about it.  I can do what I want.  My kitchen is painted green and yellow.  Cause that’s how I like it.
  • Cons:  My deck has needed replacing since the day we signed the papers.  It now has a giant, treacherous hole in the middle because some dumbass who lived here before didn’t know how to build a deck.  There is no one who’s going to provide the financial backing for this project.  I get to choose my new deck and/or patio, but I also have to pay for it.

Point 2:  Responsibility

  • Pros: There’s no doubt that there’s a feeling of accomplishment in owning something big like real estate.  I am officially a grown up now.  I have homeowner’s insurance, for God’s sake!
  • Cons:  When the main breaker fails and nearly sets your house on fire, there’s no one to call.  You have to fix these things.  You have to worry about the state of the roof and how old the heat pump is and figure out how you’re going to budget for twenty-two new windows.

Point 3:  The neighbors

  • Our neighbors are likely to remain our neighbors for a long time.  It’s nice to talk to the man two houses over about how our Christmas light display has evolved.  I enjoy our friendly front yard conversations.  It’s good to have some neighbor stability and that feeling of community when the power is out or somesuch.
  • Our neighbors are likely to remain our neighbors for a long time, and they still show no signs of trimming their damn bushes.  The ones that encroach on my property.  The ugly, thorny ones with hidden poison ivy and many, many weeds.  My normal way of handling this kind of problem would alienate the people who live ten feet from where I sleep.  I have no skills in diplomatically telling people to do their damn yard work and so I suffer.

Point 4:  Privacy

  • Since I will live here for a long time, people know where to find me.  If I need a ride to work, there’s no hassle in giving directions.  People know where I am.
  • Holy shit, people know where I am!!!  I am not entirely comfortable with this.  I like to maintain a bit of anonymity in my daily life.  This is especially important on a hot summer day when I’m all disgusting with yard work in the front yard when the Karate van cruises past the house, with my youngest screeching to all and sundry, “That’s my house!”  Nice one, son.

Point 5:  Hauntings

  • Maybe it’s a nice ghost that just likes to get your attention every now and then.
  • Whether it’s a nice ghost or something like the Lizzie Borden house, you’re stuck with it.  Better call Sylvia Browne.

Any homeowner will tell you, there are moments when we say silent prayers for a landlord to appear and deal with this leaky damn faucet.  Overall, of course, it’s nice to own a home, but some days, what I wouldn’t give to not have to worry about what I’m going to do about that dying tree in the back yard.  My current plan of action, bitching about it, isn’t netting satisfactory results.  Maybe the ghost will do something about it.

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