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Too Hot (call the po-lice and the fire-man)

On one average day last week, I came home from work, as I am wont to do, exhausted, irritable and starving.  I opened the door expecting to be greeted by all the enthusiasm you would expect from two teenagers who have been lounging around the house hoarding sleep like squirrels gathering nuts on a crisp fall day.  What I expected was an evening much like any other.  The big difference, or so I thought, was the Hubs was working late and I didn’t expect him until 8pm or so.  I had planned to shed my work clothes, fix a quick dinner and prop up my tired feet for the night.

What I got was somewhat different.  When I walked into the house, I was met with two things immediately.  First, a pug-shaped missile with the wiggliest happy butt you’ve ever seen, relieved to discover once again that I did not leave forever when I went to work.  The second was a wave of oppressive heat.  I asked Cutie, “Oh my God.  Why is it so HOT?”  She replied, “I dunno.  Hot day, I guess.”  What?!  Hot DAY?  I go hunting the boy.  “Aren’t you HOT?  Why is it so hot in here?”  I got his usual response, “I dunno.  I was just playing a computer game.”  Big help, these kids.

So naturally, I make a beeline for the thermostat, because something has clearly gone wrong in this house today.  It’s eighty-three degrees, friends.  Eighty-freaking-three degrees.  Better yet, the A/C fan is merrily running, just like everything is fine.  Well.  Everything is decidedly NOT fine.  Because, you know, eighty-three degrees inside my home.  So I checked all the things I know to check.  I turned off the A/C.  I checked the breakers.  I checked the outside unit, to the extent that I could see it wasn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.  Look, I’m not a technical girl.  Then I remembered Hubs was working late.  And I did what I always do in hopeless situations such as these.

I called my Daddy.

Let me explain.  My dad can fix anything.  ANYthing.  And between his own home and cars, my sister’s and mine, I’m pretty sure he has fixed pretty much everything over the years.  And not only CAN he fix anything, but he will drop everything and come fix our stuff RIGHT NOW.  If you’re wondering if this was a RIGHT NOW kind of situation….eighty-three and rising.

So I made the call I always make.  “Hey Mom, is Daddy home?”  She sees right through me when I do this.  No time for conversation, just put my father on the phone cause I have a situation here.  Well, as luck would have it, he wasn’t home then, but he arrived while I was sharing my sob story with my mom.

I’m going to pause in my story now to point out something that was painfully obvious to me even in the throes of my A/C despair.  My two children were home all day.  They clearly noticed that it was growing warm in the house.  They are both in contact with me throughout the day.  At no point did it occur to either of these teenagers, who are old enough to know better, by the by, to say, “Hey Mom, it’s hot in the house.  Could something be wrong?”  I mean, there’s oblivious, then there’s a whole new level of living on a whole other planet.  They were apparently perfectly content to sit here and sweat it out until someone told them that it was hot.  Once I started shrieking and wailing and gnashing my teeth, they both quickly rose to the occasion for the crisis we were facing.  I mean, the boy had to finish his game first, but he got into the mix, wrangling our many pets during the diagnosis and repair process.  And Cutie quickly came to the rescue when it became apparent that I would not be cooking dinner in the foreseeable future, so she cooked dinner.  See, they will cook if give them a chance.  And if they picked the wrong day to skip lunch.

But I’ve digressed.  Long story short, my dad came over, found the problem and determined that there was one likely place to get a replacement, which had already closed for the day.  So, okay, we can live one night without A/C.  Sure, no biggie.  Of course, by now, it’s eighty-six, the dog has melted into the floor and Cutie has convinced herself that she’s going to faint from heat. (that delicate flower)  Happily, my sister was quick to offer up a spare portable A/C unit, we got it in place, strategically place fans around the house and tried to settle in for the night.

Oh, the Humanity!!

Oh, the Humanity!!

Let me tell you what, we are some spoiled folks.  None of us slept well that night, most notably the dog, who barked at me all night, trying to get me to sleep in a cooler room with her.  A normal dog might just go sleep where it’s cool, but not Penny.  She’ll have things her way or she will make her displeasure known to us and all our neighbors.  Anyway, blessedly, the local shop had the part in stock and the whole entire repair job cost less than $35.  (Would have been even less if my dad hadn’t seen the atrocious state of my air filter, which I mostly remember to replace, but apparently not recently.)  And, of course, my dad came to the rescue twice in as many days, putting in the new part while Hubs and I were at work.

The moral of the story is that you can’t rely on teenagers to pay attention to their surroundings.  I still question what would happen if there were a fire.  Would they just look around, think, “huh, smoky day,” and carry on with their business?  When I think of how few years there are between now and when they will be out in the world on their own, I shudder.  The other moral is when the chips are down, you can always rely on your family. Well, I mean, I can.  I don’t presume to know your family, but I would like to think that you can, too.  My whole family jumped to the rescue when we needed it.  I’m tremendously thankful for them, and I’m completely sure that I don’t say that often enough.

So, hey.  Thank you guys.  I love you.

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