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Lean Into It

As I may have mentioned previously, the good Lord did not see fit to bless me with grace.  I suffer a number of minor injuries.  I stub toes, I burn myself in the kitchen, I trip, run into walls, and most of the inanimate objects around me are harboring some unexplained grudge and are out to get me.

As a result of my daily fumbles in life, I have developed a philosophy about pain.  It works for the exquisite torture of a pinky toe broken against a vacuum cleaner, but it also works for the big pains in life.  The pain of loss, grief, worry and fear.  Just lean into it and let it hurt.

Let me explain.  You trip on something and stub your toe.  You immediately draw in your breath and stop breathing.  Time stands still as every muscle tenses up against the pain.  And even though you put up your every defense against it, it hurts anyway.  I mean, come on.  You have been wounded.  It’s going to hurt.  You can’t stop the pain from coming.  You can’t protect yourself from it.  You are going to hurt one way or another, so you may as well breathe while you’re hurting, am I right?

It might sound silly, but it’s effective.  You have to train your mind to accept the pain when it comes.  You have to learn not to fight it.  We are all going to get hurt sometimes and it’s our natural instinct to push it away.  Because, well, it sucks.  No one wants to hurt.  But it’s going to happen and once it happens, you can’t stop it.  You just have to feel it.  And then it will go away.  And you will be okay again.

Just breathe.  You toe will stop hurting.  Your heart will stop breaking.  Your soul will become calm.  The pain will pass, but the more you fight it, the more furious it is.  Just relax and understand that we have to feel the pain to recognize the joy when it returns.  Just let it hurt for a minute and then you will be okay.


**Really, really important exception……if you are suffering from depression, think you might be depressed, or are consistently sad and/or hopeless, then you are not suffering from a normal pain that will pass.  You have a condition that cannot go untreated.  There is help for you, you need it, and, most importantly, you deserve it.  Please don’t suffer in silence. 

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